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How to create a DeepLink from TikTok to YouTube to force open the YouTube app

In this article, we are going to go through the steps to create a DeepLink from TikTok to YouTube. This can be very helpful for people who want to have a link in their TikTok bio that opens their YouTube channel or a specific YouTube video. A DeepLink automatically takes the visitors to the YouTube mobile app instead of the page inside TikTok's browser.

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301 vs 302 vs 303 vs 307 vs 308? Which redirection code should I use for short URLs

Many people know the differences between a 301 redirection and a 302 redirection. But what are the 303, 307, and 308 redirection codes? Why do people started to use them and what are the best choices when it comes to short URLs?

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Linkila's UTM builder

Linkila's UTM builder makes it easy to add UTM tags to your target URLs. This tutorial explains how it works and explains some details of this feature.

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Introduction to Linkila's traffic routing

Explains how traffic routing works in Linkila and walks through the steps to make a rule based routed short URL

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Create your first link and short URL in Linkila

Walk through the steps to create your first smart link in Linkila!

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How to add a custom domain name in Linkila

In this help article, we walk through the steps to add a custom domain name to Linkila and enable AutoSSL for it to create secure branded short URLs

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