How to create a DeepLink from TikTok to YouTube


It is important for influencers to grow their followers in different platforms and we've noticed an surge in the number of TikTok creators who wants to grow their YouTube subscribers.

One of the most annoying issue many creators facing is that when visitors opening their TikTok Bio link from within the TikTok app, which is where 99% of the traffic come from, the visitors are taken to YouTube inside TikTok's built-in browser(the webview). And visitors are not able to subscribe the channel, because the TikTok's built-in browser doesn't have their log in information. This friction contributes to a very significant drop of conversion rate from TikTok follower to YouTube follower.

Linkila's DeepLink is a good way to solve this issue, because it makes sure visitors are taken to YouTube app directly where they can follow the channel easily.

Here we go through the steps to create such a link in Linkila.


Linkila users on non-free plans have the ability to automatically generate DeepLinks.

Step 1:

Create a regular link to your YouTube channel or a YouTube video.


Step 2:

Create filters. The following filters are needed for this DeepLink to work:

  1. A filter targeting Android
  2. A filter targeting iOS
  3. A filter targeting Android's webview only

The following screenshot shows the configuration for the Android webview filter


Step 3:

Add the following routing to the link's routing table.



Linkila users on non-free plans have the ability to automatically generate these links.

Step 4:

Add a short URL to the link



Now you can add the short URL to your TikTok bio, or any other social app, really, and visitors on mobile will be taken directly into the YouTube app where they can follow your channel with just one click!

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