Branded Short URL
Routing & Analytics

Linkila enables users to create and manage branded short URL that dynamically routes visitors based on their features and get insightful analytics reports.

Branded URLs

Create short URLs with your own domain. Maintain brand identity and get a higher click rate. Comes with SSL support.

Rule Your Links

Create your own rules that redirects visitors to different desitnations based on their geolocation, language, browser, device type, network type and other features.

Realtime Analytics

Get insightful realtime analytics view of your links. Slice and dice your data based on link, domain, filter, short URL and user features to get the exact metrics you want.

Link variables

Use variables of visitor features, referers and other information to further customize link target and get more information about every click.

Multiple Short URLs

Attach multiple short URLs to the same link, genrate analytics reports separately and get fine grained insights into traffic stats.