Linkila's traffic routing

Linkila's traffic routing allows your link to send users to different destinations based on users' features, such as location, language, device type, screen size, etc.

Quick introduction

You can create a routing table for your links in the Traffic routing tab in the editing view of your links.


A routing table consists of a list of rules. A rule is just a pair of a filter and a destination URL. Visitors of the link will be matched against the rules from top to bottom and will be redirected to the destination of the first matching rule. If no rules are matched, the user will be redirected to the default destination URL set on the Basic Settings page.

Creating rules

A rule can be added to the routing table by clicking the Add new filter button. For each added rule, a filter can be assigned from the Filter dropdown menu, and a destination can be specified through the text input.


Creating filters

If you don't have filters yet, you can create one by clicking the :heavy_plus_sign: button besides the Filter dropdown menu.


A form will show up to allow you to fill in the details of the filter.


All of the fields in the form are optional. If all of the fields are left empty, it will match all visitors.

Change order of rules

The rules can be drag-and-dropped to change their orders. Use the three-line drag-handle to start dragging rules around.


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