About Us

Our Story

Linkila started as an internal tool in 2016 as it became very annoying for us to manage the 100+ links/images of ads that different people put on our 20+ websites. We didn’t want to go into individual CMS and change the links one by one, we wanted a better solution, a solution that allows us to do it in a single place. So we built a link redirection service to do this.

In early 2017, we started to add features such as showing different ads for people from different places, which allows us to sell the same advertisement slots to different people. In early 2020, we decided to share this tool to other people and during the initial period of testing we discovered many new use cases people use it for, so we incorporated these ideas into the tool that became Linkila.

With these changes, Linkila now caters to not only website managers but also advertisers, advertisement agencies or whoever eager to:

  • Manage numerous numbers of links with ease.
  • Get a clear insight into how those links perform based on various real-time metrics.
  • Easily customize how visitors are redirected based on their features such as locations, languages, screen size, etc!
  • Maximize brand exposure by creating short links with your own domain names and get full control of what your link looks like.

Our Consultants

Linkila is not possible without the help of our consultants. As human beings, we have limited time and energy, it is through the help of our consultants that we gain insights into different markets and user demographics and help design our product to make sure it serves our users well. Individuals we consulted are listed below:

Denish Verma

Denish Verma is a well-known IT expert with more than 10 years of experience and a impressive track record. At a young age, Denish Verma joined leading global economic tycoon — Alibaba and made important contributions to Alibaba’s development for many years in a row.

Denish joined Linkila as a consultant in 2020 to aid market research and product design. Through the help Denish, Linkila gained valuable insights into affiliate marketing.